Giovanni Santostasi, PhD

CEO/Chief Scientific Officer 

Giovanni is interested in the study of consciousness, intelligence, and memory. He also studies the role of sleep in processing and storing memories. His research areas include computational neuroscience, neural network, and biophysics.

More than 100 papers in diverse fields ranging from astrophysics of gravitational waves and neutron stars to the neuroscience of sleep carry Giovanni’s name. In addition, he holds a patent for a device to enhance memory and cognition. His work has already been mentioned in several major publications and media outlets around the world including The Wall Street Journal, the Smithsonian Magazine, The Times, The Tribune of India and ABC. Giovanni’s research has received grants and awards from NASA, NSF, NIH and DARPA. 

Giovanni’s interest in Finance started when he was studying Bitcoin (BTC) blockchain technology and price behavior; he was one of the first analysts to point out the long term, power-law like behavior in the price of BTC. He applies his natural scientist point of view to solve problems in Finance and develop robust and scientifically sound algorithms to trade assets in different markets. 

With 30 years of experience in data analysis to date, Giovanni continues to look for universal patterns and dynamics in astrophysics, biology, neuroscience, and financial markets. 

He is Quantonomy’s CEO and Director of Research. 


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