Steps to use our signals and join our community:

1) Signup on our algotrading signals AlphaHub platform
 (please follow this video for instructions on how to signup)

2) Watch this video on how to use the signals manually or check out our automation solutions

3) Join our community (alphahub-elite channel is our most active channel in the BuffTrader hub. DM @WindRider or @Ninja of Sideways to get you in)

4) Explore the Forum and Education & Resources


Quantonomy main mission is to create powerful Algotrading signals in different markets. 

We have a small internal fund but we are mostly focused in democratizing professional algo trading and making it available to the small investor. Quantonomy founders are scientists and software engineers with decades of experience in different fields of science. Our algorithms are created using universal mathematics and physics concepts and ideas, that we believe give us an edge. You can read more about our story here. 

We specialize in our propietary versions of Online Portfolio Selection algorithms that outperfom most of state of the art similar stategies.  


Our best algo, called the Optimizer, trades top NASDAQ stocks (1 stock per day) and it has incredible performance such as a 350 % CAGR and 4.2 Sharpe.

The Optimizer Performance 


If you want to trade with this algorithm become a member of our community here:




After you sign up you will receive an invitation to participate in our active community of algotraders

called AlphaHub Elites on Discord. You can also join our general BuffTraders Discord Channel and contact one of the adms to be admitted to the hidden AlphaHub channels (if you are already a member). 

BuffTraders Discord Chanel

We have also extensive experience in cryptocurrencies markets and we are in the process of releasing our CryptoMoneta algo that outperforms all the crypto in the market by several multipliers. 

CryptoMoneta Algo



Please feel free to post questions or any help request in the Forum Support page or to send an email to our CEO at







Trading Automation

While Quantonomy main mission is to create powerful algos for trading we recognize that a very fundamental part of trading is efficient and reliable execution


To aid with this objective we have facilitated several execution methods for our members. You can read more about this in the following Medium article:

4 different ways to execute our signals 

The article above describes in details the different methods of execution and it also contains detailed setup instructions. But to summarize here is a list of these 4 methods:

1) Manual Trading. Signals are easy to trade manually because the algos produce signals for 1 to 3 stocks per day at the same time of the day.  


2) AlphaHub Automated Trader. A entirely free to use GUI developed in MatLab that can be run on any Windows machine (you will need an AlphaHub subscription to connect the app to our signals). 


3) Community Solutions. Some of the members of our community are talented developers and programmers.  Our signals can be accessed via API. You can write your own code to fetch our signals and then link to your favorite broker. Our members also developed code in different languages (C#, Python, Erlang) and made it available to other members. You are welcome to use and adapt these community solutions or add to the existing ones. 

4) ArcadeTrader.  We created a partnership with ArcadeTrader that is a completely online platform that allows to connect via token to several brokers, including Alpaca Markets, Ameritrade and Robinhood (other brokers are on the way). With this solution nothing needs to be downloaded and the execution can be done entirely online. Our signals are the only ones featured in this platform. 
A separate Premium ArcadeTrader subscription is required to use this service but AlphaHub users receive a 20 % discount (both for the monthly or yearly plan), use ALPHAHUB20 coupon. 






Trading Education

An important part of our mission is to share ideas and our passion for trading with our members
Markets are interesting systems and besides the desire to reach financial wellbeing a strong motivator for our members is to learn about the science and math behind finance. 

Our Education and Resource page, Forum and Blog are important resources to communicate and share these ideas. 

We are planning to have a series of lectures and learning materials about algotrading, markets behavior, and economics.  

We are also very active in social media like Facebook, Reddit and Youtube.  Please follow us there. 


Algotrading Consulting

If you are an investment firm that is looking for a collaboration or for a consultation to study a particular market of interest (US or foreign) contact us. 
We have helped other firms to apply our aggressive trading algorithms to improve their overall portfolio performance. Our algorithms are universal and they perform well in different environments. 
Please contact us for any inquiries and ideas for collaboration.